St. Louis Landlord-Tenant / Evictions Attorneys

The Chase Law Firm represents only landlords at this time, in landlord/tenant matters, we do not represent or provide any advice or consultation to tenants.

Disputes between tenants and landlords are not uncommon, some leading to eviction. Disputes and escalation leading to eviction could be avoided if one or both parties had a better understanding of Missouri landlord-tenant law. It’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities in the lease and rental process: what legal rights are given to renters and landlords by state law?

Reasons for Eviction

A landlord may begin the process of removing a tenant and starting eviction proceedings if the tenant:

  • Does not pay their rent
  • Does not adhere to the terms of the lease
  • Does not vacate the property once the lease term has ended
  • Causes damage to the property
  • Engages in illegal gambling on the property
  • Injures another tenant or the lessor
  • Allows or engages in drug related criminal activity on the property
  • Allows a person who has already been excluded by the landlord to live on the property

The Eviction Process in Missouri

Every eviction in Missouri begins with a court order. A landlord cannot evict a tenant without an order signed by a judge stating that the tenant must vacate the premises within a specified amount of time. This means that the landlord must file the necessary documents with the court in order to start the eviction process. The documents will be processed and a court date will be set.

Once the documents have been filed and processed, the tenant will be notified and will receive a copy of the documents along with the court date. They will have an opportunity to appear in court to contest the eviction or try to come to some type of agreement with the landlord. If you receive a notice to appear and do not show, you forfeit your right to tell your side of the story and the eviction will move forward.

Many times a tenant who has received an eviction could stop the process if they had knowledge of the law or hired a landlord-tenant attorney to represent them. Unfortunately, too many tenants just give up once they know that an eviction lawsuit has been filed. They aren’t aware that it doesn’t have to end in eviction. With proper representation, it could have a favorable outcome for both landlord and tenant.

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